One thing most people will agree with is that woodwork done well can bring beautiful character to a house’s décor by enhancing its look and feel. From stairwells to outer beams and arches, doors and doorframes to floors and ceilings, the skill of a great carpenter is nothing less than great art.

At CV Loft & Extension we have to hand a team of very qualified and talented carpenters with the craftsmanship required to design and build gorgeous practical furnishings such as staircases, fireplaces and outer beams to your home, and to add finishing touches and features that are aesthetically pleasing.

Of course, the carpentry skills you require may not be of the sort that are visible but those required to provide hidden strength and stability in partitions, beams and other structures for the floors, walls and roof of a house.

At CV Loft & Extension we offer you fully qualified carpenters who a very experienced and love what they do and so are well placed to carry out any type of carpentry work needed.

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